Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)

CIEL is one of the four UK AgriTech centres with total investment totalling over £80M across 12 sites. The focus of CIEL is to develop industry-led, commercially sustainable innovative research and development capabilities that generate wealth and business competitiveness through increased profitability of the livestock sector and industries that feed into this sector.

  • It will target animal performance, investigating and improving robustness through the delivery of transformational research in the applied and pre-competitive sectors – at competitive rates accessible for all.

  • It will foster innovation and create exploitable, globally–valued knowledge for UK operating companies – delivering commercially focused IP generation.

  • It will invest in enhancing the existing UK research platform, expanding capacity and attracting global talent.

  • It will provide state of the art, transformational facilities and capabilities to address the fundamental challenges and opportunities identified by the livestock sector; allow a paradigm shift in research approaches on livestock health, welfare and nutrition and deliver these advances as commercialisable outputs.

    CIEL will have a front office in York (FERA) which will be the access point for industry to 12 centres of excellence across the UK with specific areas relating to livestock species (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry), genetics, nutrition, health and welfare and product quality. Rothamsted Research at its North Wyke site will represent the grazing research centre of excellence in ruminants utilising the world class facilities of the North Wyke Farm Platform (the world’s most instrumented research farm).

More information can be found in this brochure.