Rothamsted Research achieves International Environmental Standard

Working practices at Rothamsted Research have been certified as meeting international standards in terms of minimising environmental impact. On Thursday 14th October the organisation was presented with the official document that recognises certification to the International Environmental Standard EN ISO 14001.

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Journey to centre of the Earth: the first 23cm

Millions of individual organisms and many thousands of species can be found in just one teaspoon of soil. Scientists from Rothamsted Research, an institute of the BBSRC, are using new methods to study this huge complexity in soil, to understand how it works and what previously undiscovered organisms it may contain. They will be presenting their research to the public at the Royal Society’s annual Summer Science Exhibition, which runs from 25 June to 4 July.

New Smells Through Synthetic Biology

Scientists in the School of Chemistry Cardiff University and at the Biological Chemistry Department at Rothamsted Research have received an award worth over £1 million by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, together with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, to develop a synthetic biology approach for predicting the structural characteristics of odorant molecules so as to produce new and more useful versions for use in pest control and potentially in perfumery through to medicine.

To bite or not to bite! Height and weight are the questions

The Scottish biting midge demonstrates a preference for men that are tall and women that have a large BMI and children may inherit a tendency to be bitten from their parent(s) according to a questionnaire-based study published in BMC Public Health by researchers at Rothamsted Research (an institute of the BBSRC) and the University of Aberdeen.


Notes to Editors


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