Rothamsted rescues what may be Britain's rarest plant

Record numbers of a critically endangered plant have been found on the Rothamsted farm this summer. Corn cleavers (Galium tricornutum) used to be a relatively common weed of cereal crops but the species has declined dramatically over the past 60 years and Rothamsted is now the only place it can be found in the UK.

Intelligent soil sampling saves time and money

A new computer program which can sample soil quickly and effectively could revolutionise land management by making the sampling process more cost effective and ensuring more sustainable use of our soils.

Notes to Editors

Demolition of the laboratory where synthetic pyrethroids were invented

This week, the bulldozers moved in to demolish the Ogg building at Rothamsted Research (1), where synthetic pyrethroid insecticides were first discovered in the late sixties. Thirty five years later, this major group of insecticides is still the most important for controlling aphids and other sucking insect pests that damage crops and act as disease vectors. The synthetic pyrethroids account for 17% of global insecticide sales (2).

Notes to Editors


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