Laura Cardenas

+44 (0) 1837 883 500 ext: +44 1837 512328
Rothamsted Research - North Wyke, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 2SB
Past Projects
Principal Investigator
  • Elucidating the importance of the pools of nitrate in soils on denitrification
Project Leader
  • Estimates of future agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation in China
  • GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Platform - Nitrous Oxide Emission Factors
  • Digestate and compost use in agriculture: WRAP
  • Elucidating the importance of the pools of nitrate in soils on denitrification
  • Robust models for assessing the effectiveness of technologies and managements to reduce N2O emissions from grazed pastures: Models4Pastures
  • Grazing behaviour, urine composition and soil properties are key controls of N2O emission factors in the uplands
  • Developing metrics and use of long term datasets in grassland systems
  • Inventories of ammonia and greenhouse gases from UK agriculture
  • Linking function to process: developing methods to explore the link between microbial function and biogeochemical cycling in soils
  • Nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions from multiple pollutant Cracking Clay experimental sites
  • Potential for nitrification inhibitors and fertilizer nitrogen application timing strategies to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from UK agriculture
  • GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Platform - Data management of the UK National Inventory
  • Minimising nitrous oxide intensities of arable crop products: MIN NO
  • The North Wyke Farm Platform
  • Competitive maize cultivation with reduced environmental impact
  • Delivering the agricultural greenhouse gas and ammonia inventories and projections
  • Scoping the extent to which earth observation data can cost effectively provide agricultural activity information
  • Sustainable intensification of temperate and tropical livestock production



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15th N workshop, Lleida, Spain, 28th until the 30th of May 2007

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16th N workshop, Turin, Italy, 28th June until the 1st July 2009

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Others 2009:

Measuring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions from grazing livestock systems. July 21-24 2008, Montevideo, Uruguay (invited talk)


NITROEUROPE, Switzerland February 2010:

- Felber, R., Butler, M., Cardenas, L., Conen, F., Jocher, M., Neftel, A. Evaluation of acetylene inhibition technique for total N-loss measurements in soils with high inorganic N supply. Reactive Nitrogen and the European Greenhouse Gas Balance. Abstract, NitroEurope IP Open Science Conference.

SIMSUG Exeter, April 2010:

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EGU, Vienna, May 2010:

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- Mohammad Mofizur Rahman Jahangir, Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil, Laura Cardenas, David Hatch, Paul Johnston, and Karl Richards (Poster presentation). Can subsoil denitrification reduce groundwater nitrate pollution and atmospheric N2O emissions?

GGAA 2010, Canada, October 2010:

- Manure management: implications for greenhouse gas emissions. Dave Chadwick, Laura Cardenas, Tom Misselbrook, Rachel Thorman, Barbara Amon, Sven Sommer and David Fangueiro.

AGU Fall meeting, December 2010:

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Others 2010:

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EGU, Vienna, May 2011:

- Jan Reent Köster, Reinhard Well, Albert Manninen, Roland Bol, Klaus Dittert, Lukas Emmenegger, Béla Tuzson, Laura Cárdenas, Karl Hermann Mühling, and Joachim Mohn. Isotopomer analysis of soil derived N2O – comparative measurements using QCLAS and IRMS techniques.

- Laura M. Cárdenas, Sonia García-Marco, Sreenivas Rao-Ravella, Dave Chadwick, Phil J. Hobbs, Andy S. Gregory, and Antonio Vallejo, Use of the Taguchi methodology to rank the importance of factors affecting emissions of N2O from incubated agricultural soils (poster).

Nitroeurope: Cardenas, L.M.; Butler, M.; Gregory, A.S., Matthews, G.P., Whalley, W.R., Bird, N.R.A., Misselbrook, T., Laudone, G.M., Scholefield, D., Effect of soil saturation on denitrification in a grassland soil (Poster).

Royal society, London 23-24 may 2011:

- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, Meeting the challenges of food security and climate change, (oral presentation): Keith Goulding, David Chadwick, Tom Misselbrook, Penny Hirsch, Roland Bol and Laura Cardenas, Emissions and mitigation options for agricultural greenhouse gases.

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Others 2011:

- SIMSUG: J. R. Köster, J. Mohn, R. Well, A. Manninen, K. Dittert, L. Emmenegger, B. Tuzson, A. Giesemann, L. M. Cárdenas, K. H. Mühling und R. Bol; N2O isotopomer analysis by QCLAS – a new tool for soil N turnover studies?

- Annual meeting of the german society for plant nutrition ( Isotopomeranalyse von bodenbürtigem Lachgas – Vergleichsmessungen mit QCLAS und IRMS (in german), J. R. Köster, A. Manninen, R. Well, R. Bol, K. Dittert, L. Emmenegger, B. Tuzson, L. M. Cárdenas, K. H. Mühling und J. Mohn.

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17th International Nitrogen Workshop 26-29 June 2012, Ireland

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EGU, Vienna, May 2013:

- Boon, A., Robinson, J.S., Cardenas, L.C., Chadwick, D., Verhoef, A. Subsurface concentrations and surface emissions of greenhouse gases from a seasonally waterlogged peatland in the UK.

2013 Conference of Global DNDC Network with a DNDC Training Workshop (dndc2013), Beijing, 14/9/13:

- Jagadeesh B. Yeluripati, Agustin del Prado, Bob Rees, Changsheng Li, Dave Chadwick, Emma Tilston, Kairsty Topp, Laura Cardenas, Pete Ingraham, Sarah Gilhespy, Steven Anthony, Sylvia H. Vetter, Tom Misselbrook, William Salas and Pete Smith. Global Research Alliance Modelling Platform (GRAMP): An open web platform for modelling greenhouse gas emissions from terrestrial ecosystems.

Soil Carbon Sequestration Conference in Iceland:

- Arindam Datta, Nuala Fitton, Kairsty Topp, Joanna Cloy, Bob Rees, Laura Cardenas, John Williams, Kate Smith, Pete Smith. Estimation of Uncertainty in the DailyDAYCENT Model: Experiment with UK Cropland

GGAA, Dublin:

- Cardenas, L.M., Donovan, N., Hodgson, C., Norris, S., Murray, R., Cancer-Berroya, E., Misselbrook, T., Chadwick, D. Effect of DCD and season of application on N2O emissions from urine patches.

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18th International Nitrogen Workshop 2014, Lisbon

- Cardenas L, Camp, V, Donovan, N, Hodgson, C, Misselbrook, T, McGeough, K, McNeill, G, Laughlin, R, Watson, C, Bell, M, Rees, B, Chadwick, D. IMPACT OF A NITRIFICATION INHIBITOR (DCD) ON N2O EMISSIONS FROM URINE APPLIED TO A UK GRASSLAND.


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- Rees, RM, Cloy JM, Bell M, Watson CJ, McGeough KL, Cardenas L, Williams J, Chadwick D. Nitrous oxide emissions from UK grasslands - measurements and mitigation.


2014 Annual Meeting Grand Challenges-Great Solutions November 2-5, 2014 Long Beach, CA.

- L. M. Cardenas, D.R . Chadwick, T. H. Misselbrook, N. Donovan, K. A. Smith, R. M. Rees , M. Bell, C . J . Watson , K. L. McGeough, G. McNeill, R. Williams, J. M. Cloy , R. E. Thorman, M. S. Dhanoa. Case study: grasslands/arable – issues and solutions, research networks.

Terrestial Environmental Observatories (Tereno) International Conference, Bonn, 29 Sept – 2 Oct 2014

-P. Harris, B.A. Griffith, A. Shepherd, S. Peukert, J.M.B. Hawkins, C. Eyles, A. Whitmore, M.S.A. Blackwell, R.E. Brazier, L.M. Cardenas, L. Wu, J.A.J. Dungait, A.L. Collins, S. Gurr, P.J. Murray, K.W. Goulding, and R.J. Orr. The North Wyke Farm Platform, a UK national capability for research into sustainability of temperate agricultural grassland management: data & modelling opportunities.


-TH Misselbrook, LM Cardenas, SG Anthony, DR Chadwick and JM Moorby. UK agriculture GHG inventory and improvements workshop “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from UK Agriculture – Are We Counting Correctly?” presented in Scotland march 2015.

EGU, Vienna, May 2015:

- Denitrification as a Source of NO Emissions using Isotope Techniques. Laura Cardenas, Nadine Loick, Diego Abalos, Liz Dixon, Antonio Vallejo, Catherine Watson, Karen McGeough, Reinhard Well, and Peter Matthews. ORAL PRESENTATION by L. Cardenas.

- Nadine Loick, Liz Dixon, Diego Abalos, Antonio Vallejo, Catherine Watson, Karen McGeough, Peter Matthews, and Laura Cardenas. ORAL PRESENTATION by N. Loick.

- L. M. Cardenas, D.R . Chadwick, T. H. Misselbrook, N. Donovan, R. Dunn, B. Griffith, R.J. Orr, K. A. Smith, R. M. Rees , M. Bell, C. J. Watson , K. L. McGeough, G. McNeill, J.R. Williams, J. M. Cloy , R. E. Thorman, M. S. Dhanoa. Heterogeneity of gaseous emissions in soils-spatial vs temporal variability. POSTER PRESENTATION.

-Harris et al. ORAL PRESENTATION by M. Blackwell.


GGAA, Melbourne:

D.R. Chadwick, L. M. Cardenas, N. Donovan, T. Misselbrook, J. Williams, R. Thorman, K. McGeough, C. Watson, M. Belle, S. Anthony, R.M. Rees. Nitrous oxide emissions from livestock urine and dung. Abstract for GGAA conference 14-18 Feb 2016, Melbourne.

L.M. Cardenas, G.P. Matthews, A.S. Gregory, W.R. Whalley, N.R.A. Bird, T. Misselbrook, G.M. Laudone, M.S.Dhanoa and D. Scholefield; Effect of compaction on nitrous oxide and nitrogen emissions from UK soils (Presented by Tom Misselbrook).

GFP, Bristol, January 2016

Dunn et al, Greenhouse gas emissions from a reseeded grassland on the North Wyke Farm Platform, abstract submitted to the GFP conference in Bristol 2016.

Harris et al, Data Mining the North Wyke Farm Platform Data Sets, abstract submitted to the GFP conference in Bristol 2016

Cardenas et al., Grazing behaviour, urine composition and soil properties are key drivers of nitrous oxide emissions from livestock urine in the uplands (Uplands-N2O)

EGU Vienna, April 2016

Laura Cardenas, Nadine Loick, Liz Dixon, Peter Matthews, Claudia Gilsanz, Roland Bol, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, and Reinhard Well, Elucidating the impact of nitrate and labile carbon application on spatial heterogeneity of denitrification by 15N modelling.

Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Reinhard Well, Laura Cardenas, Roland Bol, Isotopomer mapping: a new approach to determine N2O production pathways and N2O reduction.

Ed Carnell, Elena Meneguz, Ute Skiba, Tom Misselbrook, Laura Cardenas, Tim Arnold, Alistair Manning, and Ulli Dragosits, Verifying the UK N2O emission inventory with tall tower measurements.

19th International Nitrogen Workshop 2016, Sweden


Rachel E. Thorman, Roger Sylvester-Bradley, Kate E. Smith, Daniel R. Kindred, Sarah C. Wynn, Robert M. Rees, Kairsty F. E. Topp, Valentini A. Pappa, Nigel D. Mortimer, Tom H. Misselbrook, Sarah L. Gilhespy, Laura M. Cardenas, Gail Bennett, Steve Malkin and Daniel G. Munro, A NEW APPROACH TO ESTIMATE NITROUS OXIDE EMISSIONS FROM ARABLE CROPS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM?



7th International Nitrogen initiative conference, INI, Melbourne, Australia, 4-8 December 2016:

García-Marco, Guardia, Cardenas, Dixon, Repullo and Vallejo. DMPSA application reduces N2O emissions from exogenous NH4+ and NO3- sources in a maize-irrigated crop

EGF "The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the European Bioeconomy", Norway 4-8 September 2016:

L.M. Cardenas, R.M. Dunn, T.H. Misselbrook, P. Harris, F. Broccolo, R.J. Orr and M.R.F. Lee. The North Wyke Farm Platform: the impact of ploughing, cultivation and reseeding on emissions of CO2 and N2O.

Annual Congress of the Italian society of agronomy (SICA), Perugia, Italy

Cardenas, L., Misselbrook, T., Chadwick, D. “Nitrous oxide emissions, from mechanistic understanding to the agriculture inventory in the UK"

AGU Fall meeting. San Francisco 12-16 December 2016:

Carnell, Meneguz, Skiba, Misselbrook, Cardenas, Arnold, Manning and Dragosits. “Verifying the UK agricultural N2O emission inventory with tall tower measurements”

Rees, Misselbrook, Cardenas, Topp, Watson, Williams, Dragosits, Carnell, Skiba, Manning, Chadwick, Improving Nitrous Oxide Reporting in Agricultural Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A UK Case Study

Di, Cárdenas, Calvet Sanz, Brüggemann, Loick, Liu, Bol. The impact of nitrification inhibitor DMPP on N2O, NO and N2 emissions at different soil moisture conditions in grassland soil

IFS agronomic conference paper:

Keith G. presented on our behalf: Effect of nitrification inhibitors on nitrous oxide emissions