Ian Shield

+44 (0) 1582 763 133 ext: +44 1582 938630
Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ
Past Projects
Project Leader
  • Supergen Biomass Biofuels and energy crops II core project
  • Supergen biomass and bio-energy consortium continuation plus activity on marine biomass
  • Willows and Energy Grass Collection
  • Supergen Bioenergy hub
  • Logistics for energy crops' biomass - LOGISTEC
  • Energy from rice straw
  • Supergen Bioenergy hub 1 yr extension
  • Optimising the development of the energy grass Miscanthus through manipulation of flowering time
  • An evaluation of nitrogen form and remobilization in Miscanthus and impact of emissions in combustion and gasification
  • Biorefinery approach to manufacture of fertilisers and preservatives from non-food crops
  • The BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC): Perennial Bioenergy Crops Programme
  • Maximising carbon harvest from perennial crops