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Publications in Refereed Journals

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Measures of esteem


  • Editorial Board- Frontiers in Plant Metabolism and Chemodiversity


  • Invited Member - Advisory panel of Swedish Metabolomics Centre, Umea
  • Co-chair - Advisory Board for NSF Grant for NMR acquisition, Noble Foundation, OK, USA
  • Session Organising Committee of Metabolomics 2012 (conference)
  • Invited Speaker: 2nd International Conference on Food Omics, Cesena. Title: The pros and cons of wheat in human nutrition
  • Selected Speaker. 50th Anniversary meeting of the PSNA. Title: Unexpected hemiterpenoids in Arabidopsis, revealed by metabolomic fingerprinting, give new insights into C-N metabolic balancing
  • Invited Speaker - Noble Foundation NMR and Metabolomics Symposium 2011, Ardmore, OK Title: Using NMR in plant science â?? principles and practice.
  • Invited Speaker - Noble Foundation NMR and Metabolomics Symposium 2011, Ardmore, OK Title: Stress management: nitrate and carbon flow in Arabidopsis.


  • Invited speaker - HEALTHGRAIN open conference, Lund, 2010. Title: Variation in bioactive components in wheat and other cereals â??
  • Invited Speaker: Plant Metabolomics- A tutorial and review â?? Metabolomics 2010, Amsterdam, June 2010


  • Selected Speaker - 5th Annual conference of the Metabolomics Society, Edmonton, Canada. Title: Quality versus quantity: Metabolomics in cereal crop improvementâ?? â??


  • Invited Speaker - 5th ISHS International symposium of Brassicas and the 16th Crucifer Genetics workshop, Lillehammer. Title: NMR based metabolomics based analysis of Arabidopsis and Brassicaâ??


  • Organiser - Metabolomics Workshop at 18th International Congress on Arabidopsis Research, Beijing â?? June 2007
  • Selected Speaker - 18th International Congress on Arabidopsis Research, Beijing. Title: Metabolites in Motion â?? Tracking Metabolome Dynamics with 1H NMR,


  • Local Organising committee - Plant Metabolomics Congress 2006


  • Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry


  • Selected speaker - GARNet Meeting, Bristol. Title : â??Metabolites in Motion â?? Tracking the Dynamic Metabolome With 1H NMRâ??