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In this WP, we address the challenge of providing a new generation of interventions against insect pests, pathogens and weeds for sustainable intensification of agricultural systems. Topic 3.1 Next generation crop protection based on chemical ecology, provides the novel, underpinning science for the development of crop protection interventions that are based on chemical ecology, specifically plant defence signalling, and which will deliver crop protection via smart plants, sentinel technology and recruitment of ecosystem services i.e. beneficial natural enemy populations for conservation biological control. Topic 3.2 Field testing and modelling of chemical ecology-based interventions, takes the smart plant concept and fundamental science to the next stage by evaluation of the approaches on an experimental farm platform, with the outcomes informing next steps in the development and incorporation of sentinel technology into cropping systems. It also adopts modelling approaches to design optimal strategies for the introduction and integration of next generation crop protection approaches. Topic 3.3 Next generation crop protection based on gene editing and 'gene drive', will provide proof-of-concept in the application of new and highly innovative gene editing and gene drive technology to insect and weed control. This WP will interact with WP2 of this ISP ('Resisting Resistance') and with Topic 2.2 'Durable resistance to pests and pathogens' in the cross-institute DFW ISP to integrate next-generation interventions with the use of conventional pesticides to deliver novel crop protection systems.



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