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Bespoke field margins for delivering benefits to fresh produce.

Project Detail

Bespoke field margins for delivering benefits to fresh produce.

This project will combine pot screening experiments and small plot trials with field trials focused on Huntapac fields in Shropshire and Yorkshire with high carrot fly and aphid pressure. The project will work towards bespoke mixtures tailored to the demand of fresh produce crop. Additional aspects of field margin function that complement current Huntapac interests will also be incorporated into the project including quantifying the added value of the project margins for wider biodiversity and integrating the margins into 'push-pull' systems. 1. Based on the grower needs, we will identify the relevant beneficial service supplying organisms. 2. We will screen and evaluate candidate plant species and mixtures for suitability to different growing conditions and value to beneficial organisms. 3. In small plot and real field conditions, we compare bespoke field margin mixtures with standard 'off the shelf' mixtures. 4. We will develop a best practice guide for growers.



  • Rothamsted Research

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