ERDF:Environmental Impact of Cell Grazing

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ERDF:Environmental Impact of Cell Grazing

The study proposed here will compare the animal performance, pasture productivity and quality, the economic results and the environmental impact on soil, air and water from two contrasting grazing systems with dairy x beef cattle: Techno Grazing vs set-stocking. Soil emissions, soil water composition, soil health indicators, pasture productivity and nutritional composition, animal growth rate, meat quality, and animal health and welfare will be evaluated and compared for two consecutive years. Different metrics and indicators will be calculated in order to define the best practice for the future UK beef production. During the development of the study field days and workshops will be carried out to integrate farmers and discuss the outputs of the experiment. This project will provide the information needed for policy makers, businesses and producers to make an informed decision on the correct route to achieve sustainable intensification. The information collected will be applicable to other models of intensive grazing helping to fill the knowledge gap and thus could help to inform agricultural policy for stakeholder groups in Cornwall and the UK.



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