Code titlesort descending ISPG
S2156 "Phylogeography and management of the aphid pest Nasonovia ribisnigri in commercial lettuce crops" Insect Survey
C9200 *AgriMetrics
C9300 *AgriTech CHAPS
S2119 *Alltech: Achilleas Christou Sustainability
S2114 *BBSRC Notts DTP:Darja Doberman Sustainability
C6140 *CAS: Metabolomics
S5637 *ERDF: Monitoring Soil Carbon
S5636 *ERDF: The Crap App Pro"
S2902 *Exeter MSc Student Rotation
S2907 *Exploring spot blotch disease
C2025 *Gardening
S6099 *IDG-using stable oxygen isotop
S5542 *Integrataing advanced earth observation & environmental information
C1025 *Legal
N8004 *Open Access Fund - BBSRC
N8008 *Open Access Fund - RCUK
S5457 *P450 Resistome Sustainability
S5618 *Radar & Aerial Ecology Summer School (combined S5482)
S2906 *Research Exp Student Directors
C1116 *Research Grant Development
S2903 *SWDTP Development & PIPS funds
S2115 *Zofia Garajova-Warwick Uni Sustainability
S2184 A comparative genomic approach to facilitate the understanding of predator/prey co-evolution and their interaction under applied IPM aspects
S5599 A generic survey method for the detection of plant disease in agricultural and urban populations for immediate regulatory intervention/decision making
S2151 A loss function approach to optimal sensor configuration for soil sensing
S2158 Adding evidence to decision making regarding cover and catch crops
E0088 Adie Collins Control a/c
E5576 AGEC Control a/c
S5619 AgRIA: Agricultural Research and Innovation Accelerator
S2112 An exploration of the evolutionary dynamics of non-target site herbicide resistance in Alopecurus myosuroides Sustainability
E0033 Andy Whitmore Control A/C
I0110 ASSIST - Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems - Work package 1 (WP1) - Biophysical limitations on crop productivity
I0120 ASSIST - Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems - Work package 2 (WP2) - Environmental impacts of future agriculture
I0130 ASSIST - Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems - Work package 3 (WP3) - Sustainable solutions
I0140 ASSIST - Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems - Work package 4 (WP4) - Optimisation of future agriculture
CBXXX Balance Sheet
CN000 Balance Sheets
E5554 BCCP Control Account
E0047 Bee work
S2159 Bespoke field margins for delivering benefits to fresh produce.
S5529 Bilateral BBSRC - Embrapa - Exploitation of the rhizosphere microbiome for sustainable wheat production Sustainability
E5528 Bioinformatics Control a/c
S5595 Brains on Board' Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots


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