Code title ISPG
S2155 Organic nutrients: defining risk and managing transfers at catchment scale
S2156 "Phylogeography and management of the aphid pest Nasonovia ribisnigri in commercial lettuce crops" Insect Survey
S2158 Adding evidence to decision making regarding cover and catch crops
S2159 Bespoke field margins for delivering benefits to fresh produce.
S2160 Exploring farmers? attitudes to on-farm control measures of water pollution
S2169 Hannah Blythe - Nottingham Students Rotation
S2183 Mesfin Kebede Desta
S2184 A comparative genomic approach to facilitate the understanding of predator/prey co-evolution and their interaction under applied IPM aspects
S2185 Functional Food and Pharma Ingredients from the Physical Dismantling of Oilseed Rape Olesomes
S2188 Isabel Corkley (Whitely) - Managing concurrent evolution of resistance to plant disease control
S2192 Tom Oliver - Dispersal strategies and space use in pollinating bees
S2194 Mollie Langdon - Increasing seed yields by the targeted modulation of brassinosteroids
S2196 Caitlin Willis - Investigating insecticide resistence in UK populations of oilseed rape pests
S2199 Chalasani Danteswari - Soil microbiome changes influenced by cereal-pulse crop rotations
S2201 Georgina Brown - INSPIRE Farm Platform
S2202 Molly Harrison - INSPIRE Farm Platform
S2902 *Exeter MSc Student Rotation
S2903 *SWDTP Development & PIPS funds
S2905 Research Experience Studentship North Wyke
S2906 *Research Exp Student Directors
S2907 *Exploring spot blotch disease
S5390 Roots of decline? Assembly and function of the rhizosphere microbiome in relation to crop yield Sustainability
S5454 Impacts of different vegetation in riparian buffer strips on hydrology and water quality Sustainability
S5457 *P450 Resistome Sustainability
S5461 Diverse forage mixtures to optimise ruminant animal production, nutrient use efficiency, environmental impact, biodiversity and resilience Sustainability
S5465 Using next generation sequencing to reveal human impact on aquatic resevoirs of antibiotic resistant bacteria at the catchment scale Sustainability
S5474 Developing novel types of low protein wheat for breadmaking Sustainability
S5490 UK-China Virtual Joint Centre for Improved Nitrogen Agronomy CINAG Sustainability
S5497 UK-China Virtual Joint Centre for Improved Nitrogen Agronomy CINAG RRes (combined with S5490) Sustainability
S5504 SI-Network Sustainability
S5517 Can oils derived frm genetically-modified plants replace fish oil as a source of long chance Designing seeds
S5518 Management of Rotations, Soil Structure and Water Sustainability
S5520 Validating the comm.potential of genetically modified plant oils in aquaculture Designing seeds
S5528 Ploughing on regardless? Sustainability
S5529 Bilateral BBSRC - Embrapa - Exploitation of the rhizosphere microbiome for sustainable wheat production Sustainability
S5538 Smart renewal of long-term grassland: towards higher productivity and profitability (LONGTERM GRASS) Sustainability
S5542 *Integrataing advanced earth observation & environmental information
S5549 Brassica Rapeseed and Vegtable Optimisation Designing seeds
S5550 Diffuse Tools:Catchment Models Sustainability
S5563 Chicken or the Egg:Is AMR in the Enviornment driven by Antibiotics or Anitiotics Resistance Genes Sustainability
S5564 China: A Virtual Centre for Monitoring the Rhizosphere
S5565 Kenyak-yeye: UK-Australian Global Soil Meta-omic Programme
S5566 War on Wheat - "WoW" Designing seeds
S5569 Geo-Nutrition -tackling hidden hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa
S5570 Sustainable futures for the Costa Rica dairy sector: optimising environmental and economic outcomes
S5571 Maximising the effective life of fungicides for the control of foliar diseases in oilseed rape Sustainability
S5574 Epidemiological modelling of simultaneous control of multiple cassava virus diseases
S5577 Investigate -UK BROME species Sustainability
S5578 GCRF:Strengthening Capacity in Environmental Physics, Hydrology & Statistics for Conservation Agriculture Research (GCRF)
S5582 Integrated Weed Management: Practical Implementation and Solutions for Europe (IWMPRAISE)


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