Code title ISPG
S5585 The velocity of evolutionary responses of species to ecological change; testing adaptive limits in time and space Sustainability
S5589 CROPNUT:Increase iron in cereals
S5590 Cornwall Agri-tech EU ERDF
S5595 Brains on Board' Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots
S5596 Delivering the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas & Ammonia Inventories & Projections
S5599 A generic survey method for the detection of plant disease in agricultural and urban populations for immediate regulatory intervention/decision making
S5604 Managing resistance evolving concurrently against two or more modes of action, to extend the effective life of new fungicides
S5607 EU_ERDF-Environmental Futures & Big Data Impact Lab 16R16P01302
S5608 ERDF:Environmental Impact of Cell Grazing
S5610 Development of an in-field phosphorus availability measurement technique
S5615 Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies (TIGR2ESS)
S5617 Rothamsted Forest Beetle Trapping
S5618 *Radar & Aerial Ecology Summer School (combined S5482)
S5619 AgRIA: Agricultural Research and Innovation Accelerator
S5620 Feasibility of Slurry Acidification in the UK through Field Trials (2018)
S5623 OREGIN PHASE 5 (previously S5477)
S5625 WGIN 4 (Wheat Genetic Improvement Network 4)
S5626 Novel Semiochemical-Based Management of Fall Armyworm (F AW) in Brazil using Companion Crops
S5627 GeoNutrition
S5634 WGIN 4 (Wheat Genetic Improvement Network) - combined S5625
S5636 *ERDF: The Crap App Pro"
S5637 *ERDF: Monitoring Soil Carbon
S5638 Managing Insecticide Resistance in UK Pests
S5639 Spraying for Yield (Super FoF)
S5640 DTC Phase 3
S5645 ERDF -Multi-species Swards via Cornwall Agri-tech(TOMS)
S5649 Breaking- STEP
S5652 VizAg:Visulisation of agricultural field performance
S5660 IWYP Call2:Transforming yield through soucr-sink synchronisation
S5669 MIDST-CZ: Maximising Impact by Decision Support Tools for sustainable soil and water through UK-China Critical Zone science
S5670 Temperature extremes: the effects of high growth temperatures on vitamin E production and lipid remodelling in tomato
S5691 Novel real-time disease surveillance and fungicide resistance monitoring tools
S6099 *IDG-using stable oxygen isotop
S6180 EU_ERDF AgRIA support BB/S506801/1


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