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Rothamsted Insect Survey

Bulletin 14 2006: 17 July - 23 July

Rothamsted Insect Survey, Plant and Invertebrate Ecology, Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ, United Kingdom

Part catches 1       2      
A. pisum192911761263610783182021621382122410842
A. fabae gp.722322610588144014166212
A. solani                
B. helichrysi1714213440 4012104 2 44
B. brassicae2 112141224 32521010  16
C. aegopodii362334        2  
D. platanoidis9323243262031042228121016 4
E. abietinum                
H. pruni4471318463668114198136881463628174
H. lactucae131121221624222 82
M. euphorbiae710221810648687264 82
M. dirhodum1564802948216894812223444301818 2146
M. ascalonicus                
M. persicae gp   1220109848261882824 
N. ribisnigri1               
P. humuli     42214128212282
R. insertum338394452125216221838112182812148
R. maidis  1             
R. padi897495172219424272110486266942014690
S. avenae206181286821826082987142082563721221001810462
S. fragariae17265428422441685420662014
♂ signifies males
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