Computational and Systems Biology

The Computational and Systems Biology Department undertakes research and development in mathematical, statistical and computational solutions to biological problems at all levels of biological scale. We are developing methods, models and software which contribute to all of the strategic programmes within Rothamsted Research.

Head of Department: Prof. Chris Rawlings
Departmental Secretary: Di Dawkins

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Statistics and Bioinformatics Training

The Applied Statistics and Applied Bioinformatics Groups have developed a series of training courses to support the application of quantitative tools to add value to the institute scientific research programme.

Modelling the spread of emerging epidemics; the case of Citrus Greening

Researchers develop a model allowing characterisation of the disease transmission process

Scientists at Rothamsted Research, working alongside Cambridge University have developed a model allowing characterisation of the disease transmission process, even when epidemiological data are limited due to the presence of control measures.

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