Contacts and Site Visits

Farm Platform Team

Principal Investigator:


Work Package Team:

  1. Farm and Design: Bruce GriffithJordana Rivero Viera / Daniel Enriquez-Hildalgo
  2. Soils and Biodiversity: Martin Blackwell/ Andy Neal / Deborah Beaumont
  3. Water:  Adrian CollinsBruce Griffith
  4. Gases: Tom MisselbrookLaura Cardenas / Nadine Loick
  5. Models and Metrics: Lianhai Wu / Taro Takahashi
  6. Data: Hadewij Sint / Jane Hawkins

Technical Team:

Statistical Support:

External Relations, Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation:

Contact for all NWFP data queries:

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Visiting the Site

  • As a working research institute, we are limited in how many visitor groups we can host each year, and in the size of those groups. We therefore reserve the right to decline a visit request if it is not relevant to our mission or if we are unable to provide staff members to host.

  • Both our main sites occasionally run open days when multiple groups may visit and meet a range of experts. Details are publicised in advance. If an open day is planned, you may be asked to plan your visit to coincide with that day. 

  • For outdoor visits, you can expect to walk over rough farmland. If anyone in your party has mobility issues, please notify us in advance. Please also bring suitable outdoor clothing.

  • For some visitors, there may be a charge to cover room hire and staff time. Once the form below has been submitted, we will send you notification if a charge is to be levied.

  • Our scientists are always happy to share their expertise, but cannot necessarily offer specific solutions to day-to-day farming challenges as our strategic research often needs further development before it can deliver successful market-based solutions.   

If you wish to visit the NWFP please complete the visit request form found here. We will assess your request and contact you to arrange a visit or to provide you with details of upcoming open days. 

If you want to check in advance of submitting a visit request, please call / email Melanie Wright or Jane Hawkins