North Wyke Farm Platform

North Wyke and the Farm Platform as a Test-Bed For Advances in Sensor Technologies

In addition to the IoT network of water flow and water quality sensors installed throughout the Farm Platform, we are testing a variety of sensor and sensor communication technologies

Key Research Findings

A brief overview of the latest research results

Overview & Hypotheses

Past, current and planned treatments and hypotheses

Case Studies of Experiments

One page flyers of Research and Technical case studies


Journal and Conference Papers, Reports and Pre-prints

User Guides, Information, Data Portal Updates and External Links

User guides to the Data Portal data, case studies and published literature.


An Agri-Modelling Repository of Input and Calibration Data for temperate high rainfall grassland & livestock systems

Timeline of Events

This is an interactive tool that allow users to explore the time line of events on the NWFP

Live Catchment Data Trends and Meteorogical Data

Live meterological data and catchment data trends from the last 30 days: Daily precipitation; mean soil and air temperature; flow rates and precipitation from the largest catchment on each farmlet.

Using Our Facilities

The Farm Platform provides a unique facility with cutting-edge science and technology to understand and innovate the dynamic processes and underlying mechanisms behind managing sustainable agricultural production.

Contacts and Site Visits

Farm Platform Team

Datasets Available on the Data Portal

Information on the all data sets available and time range

Farm Platform Map

View a map of the North Wyke Farm Platform


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