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 Data Portal User Guides

Supplementary Data and File Downloads

Data that are not available on the Data Portal can be directly downloaded here Farm Platform File Store

The data available include:

  • Daily and 4-weekly Summary Statistics of the 15-minute data. Please refer to the 15-minute user-guide (FP_UG.Doc.002_15MinData) for the limitations when using these summaries.
  • ArcGIS Shape-files of the Farm Platform fields.
  • Animal Counts
  • Farm Platform Maps
  • User Guides

Please be aware that use of these data is at your own risk. Terms and conditions on the use of these data can be found in the Data Access Policy

Known Issues and Workarounds

We are aware that that are certain issues with the Data Portal. There are, however, ways to get around these issues. Below is a list of the current known issues and the temporary solutions.

1. MET-DATA Data Download

Issue:         The data-download doesn’t contain the selected MET data.

Solution:     Select catchment 4 in the map. As the MET station is located in the ‘old’ catchment 4.

2. Live Trends Graphs

Issue:         The text on the axes of the Live Trends graphs is too small to read

Solution:     Zoom in on graph using the browser zoom controls  (Ctrl +)

3. Graph on Download page is refreshing all the time

Issue:         When selecting variables, the graph is constantly updating, and the user has to wait until the loading has finished until another variable can be selected.

Solution:     Change the date-interval to fall outside the available data period (above the variable selection boxes is stated when the data is available), then tick all the variables required. After all selection boxes are ticked, change the date to the desired date-interval. This way all the data will be loaded only once.

4. Issues with iPhone or Android phone

Issue:         Some of the icon buttons on the NWFP front page aren’t appearing, making it impossible to enter the Data Portal.

Solution:     No solution at present.

5. Closing the help page in the Data Portal in Chrome

Issue:         The close button isn’t always visible on a laptop screen.

Solution:     Use the mouse wheel to scroll down the page, or CTRL Page Down.


Data Portal Updates

Links to Associated Projects

  • SUREROOT - Roots for the future, a systematic approach to root design

Useful Links to External Data Repositories and Associated Organisations

  • CZEN [Critical Zone Exploration Network]
  • ECN [Environmental Change Network]
  • CUASHI [The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science]
  • COSMOS-UK [Cosmic-ray Soil Moisture Observing System]
  • re3Data [Register of Research Data Repositories]
  • CIEL [Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock]
  • SIRN [Sustainable Intensification Research Network
  • ANAEE [Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems]
  • ECT [Ecological Continuity Trust]