Researcher gets on soapbox to explain blackgrass threat

Soapbox Science is a platform for promoting women and the science that they do. From the Weed Ecology group at Rothamsted Research, technician Laura Crook took part in an event at Milton Keynes shopping centre.


We are currently consolidating our collaborations in India through activities such as the Indo-UK Centre for the Improvement of Nitrogen use Efficiency in Wheat (INEW).

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  For further information about INEW research or  
  training courses, see the INEW website  

  Research Council UK Project Summary

  Funded as part of the BBSRC-Newton Fund Call for
  Virtual Joint Centres with Brazil, China and India in
  Agricultural Nitrogen.

  INEW launch - 16 February 2016


  For further information, please email: 
  Dr. Till Pellny

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International Partnerships


We have a long history of successful collaborations in Brazil working with numerous Brazilian organisations and funding bodies.

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International Partnerships


We have a long history of collaboration in China involving many of China’s leading research organisations.

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International Partnerships

Major pathogen of barley decoded: new avenues for control

Since the late 1990s, UK farmers growing barley have seen the yields and quality of their harvests hurt by an emerging disease called Ramularia leaf spot. The disease is caused by the pathogenic fungus Ramularia collo-cygni. Now a team of scientists studying this fungus have sequenced and explored its genome.


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